How ready is Your Website?

Although the COVID19 pandemic has disrupted most businesses, it is a unique opportunity to improve your website. The quality of your website is pivotal in maintaining profitability, especially with the current volatile business environment. As the pandemic reduces and paves the way for a new chapter, many businesses will boom, but only for those whose websites are ready. Here is a checklist of ten things to determine whether your website optimization readiness:


An optimized website creates a memorable user experience, which increases conversion rates and boosts your site rankings on search engines. Optimize by improving page loading speeds, creating an intuitive user interface, and an easy search feature.

Email Collection System

Building an email list is not just capturing emails but connecting with a customer via email. A website with a sound email collection system is therefore vital.

Social Media Optimization (SEO)

Websites that fully exploit SMO besides SEO tend to have better results. Social media networks allow you to increase your brand’s awareness and help you connect with your customers.

e-Commerce Optimization

Navigation, website design, and content descriptions determine how easily a visitor can convert into a customer. Improving these aspects is the fundamental part of eCommerce optimization, which is very crucial.

Online Booking Systems

An online appointment scheduling system increases your customers’ convenience where they don’t have to talk to anyone during booking. It reduces your workload and errors.

Online Event Calendar

Business websites with online event calendars have better customer engagement as opposed to those who don’t. It makes organization and planning easier for you.

Necessary Agreements

With the current prevalence of deal-breaking and lawsuits, you need to have all the required agreements. They outline expectations and protect both parties, besides making it easier to resolve conflicts.

Refund Policy

Does your business accept returns, exchanges, and refunds? What is the maximum number of days allowed before customers can no longer return the item? Are there any exempt items?

Print Marketing Materials

Do you have brochures, catalogs, business cards, banners, signs, and other marketing materials printed? They compliment your website marketing efforts.

An Introductory Video

The first impression is essential, and an introductory video can allow you to communicate easily and quickly with your site visitors about your product/service and company.

Final Thoughts

Basing on the above checklist, is your website ready? If not, it’s about time you got it done. Investing in these aspects will yield credibility, customer loyalty, and engagement.

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Written by Nicholas Hughes