Website Design, 25 Unique Ideas to Enhance Appearance and Functionality. – Part 4


We have compiled, from separate sources, 25 Website Design Ideas.

Micro Animations

Web design trends – the pressure is on. Evermore competitive, evermore innovative, as we look to kick 2020 well and truly into the long grass, web designers are racking their brains for where the trends are likely to be. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration on the web, experimentation with new styles, adaptation of old styles all helped by new technological advances and developments are pushing the boundaries.

And designers are not working in their own artistic bubbles, clients also want to stand out from the crowd and grab their share of the increasing market. Design trends are not new designs for design’s sake, we are looking at what the design gives to the site in terms of sensation, ethos, brand memorability, and cutting edge style. Some awesome examples of creative genius from a growing number of amazing designers that will make the web design trends of 2021 throw off the shackles of a year most would like to forget.

Text-Only Hero Images

Hero image is one of the most popular and compelling web design trends. According to Wikipedia: Hero image refers to a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center.

The hero image is often the first visual element a visitor encounters on the site; it presents an overview of the site’s most important content. A hero image often consists of image and text, and can be static or dynamic (e.g. a rotating list of images and/or topics).

Data Visualization

We live the era of data; today we deal with data systems that are larger than anything that humans have ever created. We reach the volume of 34 gigabytes of content consumed by a single person per day, on average, and as technological progress continues that number will climb and climb.

In the world of short attention spans and constant information overload we need a simple way of comprehending large amounts of data. Data should be a ubiquitous resource that can be shaped to provide better consumption, and it’s possible to squeeze a lot of information into small space by presenting data in visual ways. By visualizing data, you can turn it into a format that can be both easily explored and consumed.

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Web navigation is something you don’t even notice until you get lost on a website or get annoyed by the website menu sliding out and blocking the content. Yet, the absolute majority of consumers admit that easy navigation is the most useful website feature.

So let’s see what makes navigation in web design so important, what its best practices are, and when new website navigation trends are there to make your site function better, and when they are not.

Why web navigation matters so much in design

Sometimes people who plan on making a business website, concentrate mainly on the content. But the truth is, most of today’s users are not looking for content. They’re using your website to swiftly navigate to the products or services they want.

There I was choosing some cat food on the local pet shop website. Okay, Cat => Dry Food => Choosing a brand => Out of stock => OK, back => A pop-up banner with some special deal => Click on Conditions => Shipping and delivery… How did I end up here and where the hell was I supposed to go? And the logo didn’t even lead to the front page!

White Space

Every design begins with a blank canvas. Whether you design a website or a mobile app, you start with a blank page or screen and then add elements like text, photos, buttons, menus, and more. It might be tempting to fill the entire space with content, but doing so could make the user interface (UI) look cluttered and unappealing.

Clarity is an integral property of good design, as a UI should be clear so that all users can interact with a product effectively. This happens when designers incorporate ample white space into all page elements from top to bottom.


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