Website Design, 25 Unique Ideas to Enhance Appearance and Functionality. – Part 3


We have compiled, from separate sources, 25 Website Design Ideas.

Voice User Interfaces (Vuis)

At its core, the concept of interaction was always about communication. Human-Computer Interaction has never been about graphical user interfaces, which is why Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are the future of user interface design.

An interface is just a medium people use to interact with a system—whether it’s a GUI, VUI or something else. So Why is VUI So Important?

Web Accessibility

Emerging trends in digital accessibility are positioning 2020 to become a defining year for accessible website development as new compliance regulations governing both public and private sector websites are clarified and enforced on a global scale. To succeed in the coming years, it’s clear that web developers must take a more committed and educated approach to building accessible websites.

Accessibility affects web developers at a foundational level. To create an accessible internet, devs must continuously work to maintain deep knowledge of accessibility criteria, account for practical use-cases within the disabled community, follow programming best practices, rely chiefly on standardized techniques, and use caution when approaching newer programmatic technologies.


As digital publishing allows more content migration onto mobile devices, design ideas must adjust to keep up with the technology. It is requisite that publishers and designers learn how to deliver state-of-the-art digital publication to meet their business’s needs and how to use their skills to deliver engaging and cutting-edge interactive content.

The world of interactive design has no right or wrong visual standards mainly because it is an art. There is also no determined template of a good design from year to year. But here is PACE‘s Senior Interactive Designer, Michael Meder‘s take on some of the most important interactive design trends we can look out for this year.

Virtual Reality

At the start of every year, we see article after article telling us what the big web design trends are going to be for the next 365 days. And, for years now, augmented and virtual reality have held a pretty firm place on those lists.

But how often do you actually use AR or VR in your web design projects? And when was the last time you remember interacting with a website that used one of these immersive technologies?

Micro Interactions

We all use apps on our smartphones, computers, tablets, and many other devices, but little do we notice the subtle nuances that the designer has created for us to relish the user experience.

A good designer doesn’t just focus on creating a stunning design but also on creating an equally pleasant user experience.

The user experience is everything a user sees and feels about your app that includes clearly defined information, structured design, and more. A critical part of that user experience is micro-interactions. Often underlooked, they serve a crucial purpose in breaking down what’s happening behind the scenes and is a vital part of nailing down that perfect first impression.


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