Website Content Creation

Website Content Creation by content authors write for online promotions, website pages, email pamphlets, blog entries, and blogs. The purpose of good content is for search engine marketing and will also assist in better search engine optimization.  The articles written will have a clear purpose, be authentic, be simple to read and written to connect with your target audience; this is the art of good storytelling. Elements of Good Copy Writing


The number one reason for writing is to say something, so figure out what you want to say and get to the point immediately. Place each word within the article carefully and stay on track and state your purpose with the reader.


Don’t waste words, don’t be poetic or flashy or smart, state your position, prove it and be honest and genuine. Speak about what you are passionate about, speak from a place of expertise, do not fake it, be real and authentic.


Keep it simple is the well-known adage, and with writing good website content, it is essential. Keep your article moving along so that the reader stays engaged and has the motivation to get to the end of your post or page where your “call-to-action” is.


Don’t overly worry about selling, worry about connecting, if you connect with your audience, then become real and then the sale becomes easier. However, if you focus on the sale and do not connect with your reader, you will then have a lower chance of making any deals, and you could lose the viewer permanently.


“Always be telling,” is a variation on “always be selling.” Keep your article unique, exciting and authentic by telling a story. A human writes your column, then it should be about a human, its interaction with others, events or things. There are way too many articles/posts/pages that sound robotic, avoid generalization make your story personal!