Promoting Your Event Using Social Media

Consider The Following:

To promote your event on social media, you should consider:

    • Your demographics
    • The location of your event
    • Is the event one day or will it span over several days
    • Is your event going to promote others?
    • Are you selling tickets or charging a fee?
    • What are the goals of your event?

 Factors of Social Media Marketing:

    • The size of your brand
    • The number of followers that you have
    • Is everyone involved with the event using social media to promote it?

 Opportunities Outside of Social Media:

    • Local event sites
    • Any organizations that you are a member of
    • The Chamber of Commerce
    • NGO
    • Local clubs

Look at all of the companies and other groups related to your event and ask if they will help promote the event on social media.

Free or Almost Free Ways to Promote Your Event:

    • Ad on Craig’s list or Kijiji
    • Newspaper classified
    • Electronic bulletin boards

Cross Social Media Marketing:

If you are hosting your event at an outside venue, ask that they promote the event on their site.

    • Ask local restaurants for supper, and you will help promote their business
    • Local hotels can also help with promotion for return ads
    • Ask local retails to put an ad on their website or even the window of their store.

Promoting From Within:

Ask employees and anyone involved with the company to help promote the event on their personal social media channels.


    • Being a contest and offer engaging articles to get their attention.
    • Other ideas for social media promotion
    • Involve the media
    • Invite the media to the event
    • Ask the news to cover the event
    • Allow the press to be involved and be welcoming 

Sponsor a Charity:

    • Allow the charity to benefit from the event for the promotion
    • Offer a promotion for an eco-friendly business sponsor

After Event Social Media:

    • Get feedback
    • Post pictures and videos
    • Post any articles from the event
    • If you had a contest post the name of the winner

If you need assistance promoting an event on Social Media, give RapidPage a call today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes