Marketing Plans

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A marketing plan is an essential part of your overall general business strategy. An effective advertising campaign is through the establishment of an elegantly configured marketing plan. While a marketing plan contains a rundown of activities, without a sound business plan, it is of little use to a business. Elements Of A Marketing plan:

Market Research

Market research is where your marketing plan begins; the study will provide you with the data through which you decide for the plan.

Target Market

Whereas the market research is by each product, the marketing plan is for the entire business. So who and where is your target market/audience?


How are you positioning your service/product, as a commodity, as a high-end or something else?


What are the tools, and delivery methods used to reach your target audience?


A budget must be realistic, and money drives the plan. You will need to choose whether to pour a lot of money into your marketing efforts or less money for slower but more cost-effective marketing.

Monitoring & Metrics

How will you monitor your marketing efforts to ensure that your plan is stable and on-track? And are these results in line with your business plan goals?