Keep Print Advertising

Finding the most effective ways to retain loyal customers and finding new customers isn’t easy. There is no one ultimate marketing solution to solve this issue. Remember, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Every business, product, and situation is different.

Link Print Advertising To Your Website:

Your website is a platform that you can use to market and promote your products and services. By adding URLs in your newspaper ad and print marketing, you will drive traffic to your site.

These URLs can link to your home page, product pages, shopping cart, or other website areas. Also, by putting these links on your print advertising, you can validate the advertising campaign’s effectiveness by the traffic you receive.

Collect Emails:

Having ads with URL links to your website gives you a better chance of bringing more potential customers to your site. And once they are on your website, you can collect their emails by offering coupons or discounts.

Track Results:

Make sure that you have installed Jetpack or Google Analytics on your website to track the results by area for your print advertising campaigns.

Print Advertising is NOT Dead!

Don’t stop using traditional forms of advertising. Just make sure that you add information to attract shoppers to your website. Don’t forget to add those URL links in your ads.

You may also want to look at using QR codes as another resource for increasing traffic to your website from your print advertising.


Your advertising success may vary depending on the audience you’re trying to reach. Pay attention to your results, and feel free to change things as needed. Some of your marketing efforts are bound to be more productive than others. Whatever you do, stay vigilant and keep advertising!

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Written by Nicholas Hughes