Find Ways To Stay Connected!

Especially during this COVID-19 era, it is crucial to stay connected with your clients. It is a no brainer to stay connected with Facebook and other social media accounts. However, you may forget some of the other primary methods of communication.

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Text
  • Snail Mail


Email communication can be as simple as a “reaching-out” message to your loyal customers to see how they are doing. Using a very simple “staying connected” email can yield very positive replies!

Other email methods can be sending an email blast using your email client like MailChimp, Constant Contact, MailPoet, or Arigato. This type of email blast can include COVID-19 news that relates to your business operation, new hours of operation, new methods of service like a curbside pickup option. 

Whatever you may choose to communicate will keep your name and business in front of your customers, so they do not forget you.


Even though telephone communication may seem old-fashion, you may want to revisit it. During this period of COVID-19, people are looking for human contact, and even if calling isn’t your first line of communication, maybe using it as a follow-up can put you in front and personal with the client.


Text is very efficient; however, texting may not express the carrying you want to convey. I would suggest that using texting as a form of communication is great for efficiency. However, it may lack the personal touch that your clients are expecting from you, their vendor.

Snail Mail

Standard mail gets a bad wrap these days, well yes, it is slow! However, it is very personal, and it shows the client that you care. There is nothing like getting a birthday card a couple of days before the event! You can set your business apart by taking the time to send birthday cards and holiday cards to your clients!


Whatever you chose, email, texting, mass email, or snail mail, be consistent, be genuine, and do not always be selling! Sometimes just saying hi is just as important. 

Staying connected and caring will set you apart from the competition.

Should you need assistance in developing a “Stay Connected” plan, give RapidPage a call today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes