CRM, Why They Are Needed.

Over the past number of years, I have tried at least 15 or 20 CRM, Client Relationship Management, software, and there is only one that I would recommend for small businesses. Cloze is that CRM!

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. A CRM system allows you to monitor the method and frequency that you interact with your clients/customers. It can track emails, phone calls, text messages, tasks, notes, and meetings. Some more advanced CRM monitor Social Media activity and notify you of potential sales opportunities or a change to a client’s contact information.

Advantages Of A CRM:

  • Track Client Interactions
  • Monitor Projects
  • Discover Prospects
  • Monitor Sales Activities
  • Monitor Social Media
  • Automate Client Communications


  • Cost
  • Setup & Maintenance
  • Learning Curve
  • Time To Manage


I have tried both paid and opensource, self-hosted, and SaaS, and in my opinion, for small businesses, Cloze is the solution. Full Disclosure, I am NOT affiliated with Cloze in any way.

What Should You Expect From A CRM?

A CRM will help you manage the task of managing your clients. The single most important reason, in my opinion, for a CRM, is to keep you in touch with your clients. Keeping in touch with your clients will increase your sales! 

Recommended CRM Functionality:

  • Email Blasts
  • Schedule EMails
  • EMail Openings Notifications
  • Track Meetings
  • Track Tasks
  • Track Deals
  • Track Opportunities
  • Track and suggest contact updates

Why I Suggest Cloze CRM

Cloze is around $20 per month, compared to over $150 for the leading CRM. Cloze setup takes about 20 minutes, whereas the leading CRM can take weeks or even months, I know, I have tried. Cloze’s learning curve is zero because you learn as you go, and their support is fabulous.

The main reason, I think to look at Cloze, is its AI! It scans your emails, phone calls, text messages, meetings, notes, and Social Media accounts and suggests when to reach-out to your clients. Cloze will suggest contact information changes based on what it has found on Social Media accounts.

Cloze will track tasks, projects, and deals. It has all of the recommended email functionality too! Cloze is almost 100% automated, and you do not need to do anything except respond to its suggestions.


CRM, in my opinion, is a necessary tool for the small business person. It is like having a personal assistant!

Should you need assistance in selecting or setting up a CRM, please contact RapidPage today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes