Business Advertising, 25 Unique Ideas to Promote Your Business – Part-3


We have compiled, from separate sources, 25 business advertising ideas.

Start Blogging

As a marketer, you need to monitor trends and adapt to the ever-changing marketing environment. Blogging is a marketing element that has changed its strategy, although it has been constant for the past few years. Effective blogging is an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It drives traffic to your site, generates new leads for your business, helps you develop those leads, and deepens your knowledge of your customer base. Blogs are profitable and yield measurable results in terms of positive ROI. If you want some useful advice on how to integrate your blog into your digital marketing strategy? Contact wordpens now to start creating a business blog.

Blogs can maintain your marketing strategy and properly organize your content. Advertising services and products is not an easy task, especially in a highly competitive business environment. This is where blogging comes in handy. It helps you with multimedia presentations of your business, intrigues your audience, and promotes your business. Consider promoting videos, podcasts, interviews, and more on your blog. This is useful content for your audience and great content for your site. The important thing is the quality of the message.

Speak At An Event

Speaking at a conference or event can be nerve-wracking. Even for those who are able to present confidently and learn their ‘speech’, the thought of unknown questions being asked afterwards can be a deterrent. It’s often hard to see the benefits of putting yourself out there or putting the effort in to these, often unpaid, situations. Will the audience remember what you said even 5 minutes after you left the stage? Is it really worth overcoming your fear of public speaking to raise the profile of your company? Let’s talk about what really happens when you do just that.

Will speaking at events benefit your company? There is no doubt that public speaking is an effective way to build your profile and credibility as well as position yourself as an expert in your industry. In today’s competitive market, being positioned as an expert can lead to new business opportunities and an increase in sales and new customers. That said, when you’re asked to speak at an event, there are always plenty of reasons to say no, from the time it takes to prepare, to the uncomfortable lead up to the event where you doubt whether your content is good enough or whether you practised as many times as you should have. It’s easy to forget how valuable the experience can be. We’ve decided to help you by noting down the 5 main benefits to saying ‘yes’ when you’re asked to speak at an event so that next time you’re asked, you can hopefully jump at the chance!

Create Infographics

Infographics are powerful and popular among digital marketers for many reasons. An Insight into why it’s a great idea to include more infographics in your digital marketing strategy. The relevance and dominance of visual over text don’t need any elaboration.

Every digital marketer is aware of the strong impact images have over the human mind and how it increases the information retention and recalling capabilities. Infographics gain relevance in this scenario and are widely used for its tendency to become viral fast. Most of the digital marketing experts are leveraging the potential of infographics. Do not be left behind. Know the advantages and jump into the bandwagon.

Claim, Verify & Create Local Listings

Verified listings establish trust with your audience

Having verified local listings in a consumer’s search results lets them know that this is a valid business and someone is making sure the information is accurate. More than likely, your business is already on the web, although the information may not be correct. Claiming your listing allows you to make sure that the most important information (name, address, and phone number) is correct. This also leads to a good experience with a potential customer. If they call a number and it is disconnected, they may go to a competitor who has their correct information listed. From there, you can optimize your listing with photos, logos, hours, categories, and other options. This rounds out your listing and looks more trustworthy in general.

When your business has verified listings on several sites (think Google, Yelp, Bing, etc.) your own website link is readily available in more places on the web. This will help direct relevant traffic to your site. You can also use unique tracking URLs on each listing site to monitor where your traffic is coming from. Google My Business also provides downloadable analytics for your listings, including information such as:

Direct and discovery searches

Search views

Map views

Website actions

Directions actions

Phone call actions

Run A Customer Loyalty Program

A well-designed and well-executed loyalty programme can help you retain existing customers, attract new customers, reduce turnover and drive profits. Nearly 6 in 10 UK adults believe that brands should offer loyalty programmes, and almost 60% of internet users cite ‘earning rewards’ as one of the most valued aspects of the retail shopping experience.

The average repeat customer spends 67% more in month 31-36 than they spend in month 0-6. 95% of companies report that their loyalty members spend more annually than non-members, and almost 50% of consumers actively admit that this is true about themselves. Yet, only 18% of businesses focus their efforts on customer retention.


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