Brand T.O.M.A.

Top Of Mind Awareness by

“Top-of-mind Awareness” is a special form of brand awareness. Companies attempt to build top of mind awareness through media exposure on channels such as the internet, radio, newspapers, television, magazines, and social media.

T.O.M.A. is key to getting the buyer to make subsequent purchasing decisions, it is easier to launch a new product when your product is top of mind; it is easier to upsell when you are already top of mind; it is easier to get customer forgiveness if you make a product launch mistake.

Brand T.O.M.A. is the next step after you develop and implement your Brand Awareness strategy. T.O.M.A. Strategies:

  • Your logo, packaging, and website must all speak “quality” and “value.”
  • Your brand must dominate locally.
  • Your brand should follow you wherever you go
  • Your messaging to customers, prospects, vendors, and employees must be consistent
  • Position your brand as an authority
  • Advertise your brand to where your target market will see it