Brand Awareness

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If you want your brand to sell with the least amount of effort, you must have brand awareness, this means that your brand is always “Top-Of-Mind” and that way when new competitors arrive it is easier to fight them off.

For example, here is a list of products that have become top of mind in the brand awareness category: Apple, Dell, Xerox, Kleenex and all of these bring to mind their products, iPhone, Laptops, Copy Machines, Tissue Paper.

How To Build Brand Awareness:

Building brand awareness must first start with a well-designed logo and a business and marketing plan. Here are the steps:

  • Define your brand awareness
  • Develop your brand awareness strategies
  • Develop a brand awareness strategy
  • Who is your team and what are your resources required?
  • And how will you measure brand awareness?

How To Measure

Brand awareness is a vital pointer of a brand’s market position. Given the significance for a buyer to decide, advertisers have created numerous measurements intended to gauge product awareness. We know these measurements as Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage (AAU) measurements.

BrandAgent. ca Awareness Metrics:

Awareness and Knowledge

Advertisers assess different dimensions of awareness, contingent upon whether an item’s image, publicizing or usage provokes the purchaser to make a purchasing decision.


Advertisers monitor the disposition that a buyer has to a brand. Disposition is a mix of what purchasers accept and how firmly they feel about it.


Advertisers also monitor the proportions of use of a product. These measurements may include buying recurrence and units per buy. They also track purchase transactions – the what, when and where of a purchase. In examining usage, advertisers look to see what number of individuals have engaged with a brand. Of those, they further look to determine what amount of have “rejected” the brand, and what number of have “embraced” as part of their acceptable brands.

If you are starting with brand awareness, you must choose what it is you are trying to understand and then monitor that.