5 Best Live Chat Apps For
Customer Support- Part-5


We have compiled, from separate sources, 5 Best Live Chat Apps For Customer Support- Part-5.

[1]Intercom – Best Live Chat Software For Small Businesses

Intercom is one of the best online chat software for cloud-hosted websites. It is an all-in-one live chat solution to drive conversions for your business.

It provides customer services, marketing, and messaging products – everything you can need to onboard, support, and engage customers as well as capture and convert leads.

Apart from the live chat service, Intercom also allows you to offer voice and video chat as well as screen-sharing for effective online collaboration. Plus, it consists of multiple advanced features for sales teams to connect, route queries, and measure results making it a highly innovative software.

Key Features

  • Real-time chat: The software offers you better communication and connection with your customers with messaging and real-time chat that’s more private and reliable.
  • Email creation/ in-app messages: You can send in-app messages through your web devices and cell phones other than emails to derive an audience.
  • Problem resolution: you can make announcements and targeted texts to the customers having any problems on-site and re-engage with them.
  • Customer user data: Moreover you can also track your customer’s actions and events to see what they are up to with the help of collaborative inboxes and reporting data.
  • Customized answer templates: It helps you convert prospects into clients with live chats by enabling you to personally message clients with chatbots.
  • Team communication: team communication is very improved with the help of private chats to furthermore connect with the customers.
  • Targeted messages: with this software, you can send targeted texts and do email campaigns after looking into the interested audience on site.


  • All in One – Starting at $87/month and increasing as interaction increases with multiple add-on options available
  • Customer Support – Starting at $38 get access to real-time chat, help center, and bots
  • Customer Engagement – from $49/month you can send outbound messages to engage customers
  • Lead Generation – From $87/month access to a team inbox and outbound messages

Crisp – Best Chat Support Software

Crisp is the best live chat software for small businesses. It is simple to use and consists of a free version if you have a small team. It comes with a customizable chat window, allows you to create automated messages, and easily integrates with other services to unify all channels of your customer support.

What makes Crisp unique is its ability to translate conversations in real time if your customers are geographically distributed. It also gathers customer data allowing you to segment and drip campaigns, making it a useful marketing automation tool.

Moreover, you can also monitor the status of your website and automatically alert customers in case of downtime.

Key Features

  • In-app messages: other than emails, you can also send in-app messages through your phones as well because Crisp supports IOS and Android.
  • Site customization: furthermore, you get to customize texts, logos, chat colors and features, and branding with Crisp’s customization option.
  • Notifications: both sides of communication get to have notifications for anything new popping up.
  • Progress reporting: Crisp allows you to get notified about all business metrics and progress tracking with Crisp’s analytics tools.
  • Customer integration: to improve functionality and communication it enables you to integrate with other customers through customer service software.
  • User support: this software is easily accessible on all mobile and other devices because it provides user support for both iOS and Android.
  • Language translation: Crisp translates your live conversation with international users who uses different foreign languages.


  • Free – free live chat software forever with 2 seats with team inbox, mobile app, and message notifications.
  • Pro – at $25 per website/month, 4 seats, pre-saved responses, audio messages, and integration with Facebook and Twitter messengers.
  • Unlimited – at $95 per Website/month, unlimited everything including video calls, analytics, and synchronization with CRM apps.

Acquire – Best Website Chat Software

This live chat customer service software allows companies to streamline their customer conversations for onboarding, support, and sales. Acquire is available on Windows OS as well as the cloud. Enterprises can also use native iOS or Android applications to use on mobile.

This application includes voice/video calling, chatbots, live chat, interactive co-browsing, and a free demo! This multi-channel communication software is recommended for analyzing detailed reports on real-time traffic.

Key Features

  • Dashboard performance: the software ensures dashboards that are here to help display the metrics and process performances.
  • Live chats: to communicate with the clients better and more efficiently, the option of live chats is available through the all-in-one live chat software.
  • Progress report: you can track your prospect’s emails and what they are doing or not calculate the average of progress with Acquire Unified view.
  • Personalization of website: you get to have access to change the date, objects, and features according to the specific, user or user groups.
  • Branding customization: this software enables you a Rich editor which helps in customizing the chatbot of the website to match with its company’s branding and theme.
  • Article importer: with this software, you are granted to secure all your information and data lying all over the place with Acquirer’s article importer.
  • Automate reply: automate replies can be enabled with chatbots in case the customer faces any problem or have any frequently asked questions.


  • Acquire offers a subscription-based custom pricing model based on various factors such as visualizing information. For pricing information, please visit their website or contact sales.

Jivochat – Best Live Chat Service

JivoChat is an international software being able to customize chat in 20 languages. Its multiple features make it an all-in-one- messenger support system. Over 200,000 websites use this free live chat software to power their customer support.

It is packed with multiple functionalities including CRM integration, detailed visitor info, automatic triggers, real-time visitor monitoring, file transfers and so much more. It promises audio callback with clients in less than 30 seconds which it delivers by ringing all agents and once.

Key Features

  • Performance tracking: You can validate your marketing performance by seeing the number of visitors and their performance on the sites.
  • Targeted invitations: You can automate custom messages to the new visitors with their required problems solutions, invitations, and advice.
  • Easily accessible: This software is easily accessible and is simple to process on all mobile devices and PCs as well.
  • CRM integration: For convenient access integration helps you to connect with multiple channels through a single platform.
  • Call customer service: The visitors will be able to get the answers to their queries within 30 seconds with the real-time call service.
  • Personalized design: to enhance the customer’s experience the option of personalizing your chats by changing the features and data can be helpful.
  • Offline customer service: in case of offline hours, the system provides automates to reply to customers’ frequently asked questions and queries.


  • Basic – free forever, up to 5 agents allowed, 20 language support, apps for all interfaces, and 24/7 customer support.
  • Professional – at £10 per agent/month if billed annually, 90+ language support, complete visitors’ info, analytics, and reporting with google analytics integration.

Snapengage – Best Customer Chat Software

SnapEngage offers a ‘live chat solution that gets proven results and focuses on two use cases: amplifying sales and retaining customers. Its multiple integrations allow it to deliver a seamless experience and omnichannel support making it one of the best helpdesk software.

Rather than searching for canned responses, SnapEngage API allows advanced customization and you can set up text commands to efficiently answer customer queries. A unique feature is the social discovery option which pulls customer data from social networks in connection to their email address.

Key Features

  • Automatic invites: With the automated invites through bots your visitors will be automatically invited for chats so save more time and work.
  • Easy access: This software is easily accessible on any smart device as it is available on iOS and Android as well.
  • Customization: To make your branding more website-friendly, you can also customize its features like chats, buttons, and contacts with intuitive design tools.
  • SMS chatting: This feature helps the visitors to initiate a chat with the agents via text messages as preferred by their ease.
  • Chat window features: Furthermore, the agents can also share and receive files and images within the chat window safely.
  • Secured data storage: Highly secured information like credit card details, security codes, and other personal data can be saved with private messaging.
  • Surveys: To analyze the chat performance and the customer’s experience you can collect their feedback with post and after surveys.


  • Essentials – at $16 per user/month billed annually with a minimum of 3 users including basic chat features, integration with CRM apps, and messengers.
  • Professionals – at $26 per user/month billed annually with a minimum of 3 users including custom integration mapping, secure data transfer and click-to-call.
  • Enterprise – at $40 per user/month billed annually with a minimum of 5 users including API, Client success manager, and Single sign-on.


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