5 Best Live Chat Apps For
Customer Support- Part-1


We have compiled, from separate sources, 5 Best Live Chat Apps For Customer Support- Part-1.

[1]These days, companies can offer customer service via a multitude of channels. But which channels are most likely to help you increase customer satisfaction?

Well, the customer satisfaction rate for live chat is 85%, making it a pretty compelling place to start. That’s because live chat lets you interact with visitors when they’re already engaged on your website. Live chat software can help you increase customer satisfaction, which directly contributes to customer loyalty and retention (i.e. revenue).

What Is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software is a service that allows customers to message, or “chat” with support staff or sales agents in real-time from their device while they’re on your website. Companies utilize a chat window where customers and representatives can interact with each other via instant message.

Live chat tools integrate with CRM platforms, like HubSpot, and sales software, such as Sales Hub. These native integrations keep all contact records, conversations, transcripts, and data in a central location so your sales org has a single source of truth when it comes to your customers.

Live Chat Features

What features should you look for in live chat software? That will largely depend on the industry, size, and unique needs of your business. For example, if you’d like to use live chat for customer support purposes, you may opt for software that includes co-browsing and screen sharing capabilities so you can easily troubleshoot issues for customers.

A sales team, on the other hand, may want software that includes integration with a CRM or lead qualification to help move visitors further along the sales process. Some common attributes to look for when choosing live chat software are:

  • Automated responses for answering common questions
  • Unobtrusive chat widget that visitors can minimize while they browse your site
  • Reporting and analytics tools for tracking performance
  • Live Chat Software

Hubspot Live Chat

Key features: Collaborative, customizable, automated, flexible, and easy-to-use.

Pro Tip: Install free live chat software on your website to start communicating with your visitors in real-time in just minutes.

Connect with your website visitors in real-time quickly with HubSpot’s customizable live chat and chatbot builder that requires no code. Create welcome messages that appear on your web pages to target your business’s unique visitors when they’re already engaged on your site — this will help you increase the chances of conversion.

Live chat conversations with visitors are saved to the Conversations Inbox and the visitor’s Contact Timeline for easy record-keeping. Streamline live chat conversations by responding to your visitors from the Conversations Inbox — you can also schedule meetings, place calls, send emails, or plan follow-up messages via this Inbox.

Customize the look of your live chat widget so it matches your branding and website. Receive notifications about incoming chats via Slack, and respond to those messages over Slack (by using HubSpot’s Slack integration).

Lastly, use this tool to add a chatbot that can qualify leads, answer FAQs, and book meetings for you to save you time. These chatbots can conduct personalized conversations with visitors by pulling contact information from your HubSpot Contact Database.

  • Pricing:
  • Free


Best for: Service

Key features: Personalized proactive chat invitations and automated distribution

LiveAgent is an omnichannel help desk software with a native live chat. It uses a hybrid ticket stream system that allows you to engage with customers on all of the traditional communication channels. Each interaction is stored in the form of a ticket in the universal inbox. For easy organization and quick search, each ticket can be tagged with a specific phrase and color scheme. When an agent applies a filter, they can find the chat conversation history within seconds.

LiveAgent has an automated chat distribution that can be set up in multiple ways based on the agent’s skills and availability. To maintain an average waiting time, you can predefine a limit of the chats waiting in the queue. If the limit is reached, the chat button changes its availability to offline mode. The offline chat button functions as a pre-chat form, leaving visitors with an option to submit their email addresses and leave a message, allowing you to contact them later once you’re back.

Productivity is further supported by a real-time typing view feature, which previews a visitor’s live chat message. It allows agents to prepare in advance and answer customers immediately when they hit send.

Suppose you want to know the overall impact of your live chat customer service. In that case, you can enable the plugin that connects you with Google Analytics and quickly analyze the data for your reporting.

LiveAgent offers over 142 integrations, including HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify, with new ones being continually added.

  • Pricing:
  • Free for base tier
  • $29/mo per agent & up


Best for: Sales

Key features: VIP targeting and meetings.

Drift is a chat software that allows you to automate portions of the chat process. Use the LeadBot to qualify leads, help book meetings, and convert prospects faster.

Uniquely, you can use highly-personalized messages targeted to specific accounts or individuals, increasing engagement and responses.

For instance, your sales reps should be informed when a VIP account visits your website. When VIP target accounts arrive, they’re greeted with an automated, personalized message from their account owner or sales rep. Then, your sales rep will get a notification that one of their accounts is currently on your website.

How will Drift know when your target accounts are on your website? Well, by integrating with HubSpot, Salesforce, or Marketo, your list of accounts and contacts will be automatically tracked.

When a VIP account arrives on your site, either your sales reps can book meetings or the automated LeadBot can. It uses Drift Playbooks and routing to find the ideal sales rep or account owner for your customer.

  • Pricing:
  • Free basic plan
  • Contact for a quote for more features


Best for: Sales

Key features: Video and voice chat software.

A unique feature of ClickDesk is that it includes voice and video chat. Visitors can even initiate a chat from interactive maps. Additionally, pre-chat surveys help you gather valuable contact information.

With video and voice chat, sales reps can close deals faster by quickly jumping on exploratory calls and by conducting product demos. Reps can be on simultaneous chats and even collaborate on a three-way conference with reps and visitors.

ClickDesk is a great option for sales teams because you can transfer chats to other agents. For example, if a visitor is speaking to a sales rep that specializes in partner relationships as opposed to individual customers, they can transfer the conversation if needed.

Additionally, ClickDesk offers daily and weekly chat statistics, so you can track how many chats were missed while offline, how much coverage your live chat is offering, and the average duration and length of chats in a given time period. Analyzing your chat statistics will give you insight into improved performance.

ClickDesk also offers personalized greetings, unlimited websites, and a translation feature in over 90 languages

  • Pricing:
  • Free for up to 10 users
  • $14.99/mo Lite
  • $24.99/mo Pro
  • $39.99/mo Enterprise


Best for: Sales

Key feature: Video recording.

A unique feature of Smartsupp is its live chat with video recording. It integrates with platforms like WordPress and Shopify and you can track the impact of your chat conversations with Google Analytics.

With the live video recording, sales reps can see the movement of each visitor on your website, giving them a better understanding of customer behavior and friction points in the sales process.

Although there’s a free plan, the paid plans provide more robust features including unlimited shortcuts, greater customization, automated messages, chat transfer, and detailed analytics.

With automated messages, you can engage with visitors at the right moment and create personalized messages that are specific to your business.

  • Pricing:
  • Free limited tier
  • $15/mo Standard
  • $72/mo Pro


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